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How To Make A Hard Cast Lead Bullet

The 2008 Cast Bullet BHN Tester Experiment (The Results) 42 different testers using a total of 47 different testing …

Feb 29, 2012  · What is a "Hard Cast" bullet? I try to explain and demonstrate what this means. By the way, I’m having so much fun with my hammer that I don’t think I …

Recipes: Blending Cast Bullet Antimony Alloys: Table 1. Key to abbreviations: Alloying with Roto Metals Super Hard: Table 2

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Hard Cast Lead Bullets > CB Bullets – Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading Competition Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets. Cowboy Action – Bullseye Target; Competitive Shooters; We have your Bullets!

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Swaging Lead Bullets with Corbin Swage Dies … Lead wire larger in diameter than 0.430 inches is difficult to coil on reasonable sized spools, hard to straighten and …

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